• Greengate Stoneware

    Greengates stoneware is a story in itself! With their wonderful designs you can find just the series that fits your personal taste. In beautiful colors from classic red, blue, gray or white to pastel colors in light blue, pink or light green. Here you will find the popular latte cups for coffee, tea and cocoa. Beautiful coffee cups with saucers and cake plates. Lunch- and dinner plates, dishes, bowls, jugs and many other accessories for the beautifully laid table. The products have a unique familiarity and exudes the most wonderful, cozy and warm atmosphere. All porcelain can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
    Besides the beautiful and functional design, GreenGate has a distinctive ability to match previous series with the latest stoneware and still maintain a unique harmony. All stoneware from Green Gate is designed to complement and match Greengates textiles.

  • GreenGate Series

    If you are looking for a plate from a particular series. Or maybe you need to know what items are in just the series you have fallen for. This is the place! All available series from Greengate are found here and with one click you can get the information and inspiration you seek.

  • Quilts & Cushions

    In this category you will find a wealth of quilts and cushions in countless beautiful and endearing designs from GreenGate. Rich fabrics in high quality. There are blankets in many sizes and so wonderful it is to curl up on the sofa with a beautiful quilt in great quality. Perhaps the worn chair or sofa needs new life. Create harmony in the bedroom with a new bedspread or create joy with a beautiful picnic blanket or a quilt for chilly summer evenings on the terrace. We have cushions in a myriad of designs and sizes so there is ample opportunity to find just the one that will fit in your living room. With our "Mix & Match" category, it's easy to find out which new patterns harmonize beautifully with the previous collections.

  • Kitchen

    There is something very special about a cozy and nice kitchen! Whether you like a kitchen in charming retro look or a romantic country living style, then Greengate if anyone could lend a hand. In our kitchen category you will find, among many other things, atmospheric cans and boxes. A large selection of tea towels in a myriad of designs and colors. Pot holders and oven gloves that can spice up any kitchen. Aprons which are not only practical, but also quite wonderful to look at. Greengates kitchen accessories certainly do not need to be tucked away in drawers and closets! They should be seen and be part of a cozy and beautiful kitchen.

  • Table Textiles &...

    Often, you do not need much to create warmth and cozyness in your living room or kitchen. Small details can often have great visual effect! Here you will find some of the products that can create this effect! A beautiful table runner that suddenly gives the table a different expression, or the fine paper napkins that you can hardly bear to use :) Bread basket napkin that makes your bread a little more delicious or placemats which are certainly not put away in a drawer, when the meal is over. This is also where you will find Greengates beautiful tablecloths in designs from selected series.

  • Living

    If you love Greengates unique romantic style in textiles and stoneware, you will also love their home accessories. Here you will find some of the things that create a home. Greengates products have this special ability to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The lamp you look foreward to turn on every evening and on the dark mornings. The lanterns, candlesticks and candles that deserve special places in your home, and everything else that brings joy and cozyness.

  • Fabrics & Ribbons

    In many of GreenGates collections you will find matching fabric and oilcloth by the meter. Are you handy there is plenty opportunity to get a tablecloth or new pillows in just the sizes you need. The fabrics are in a really good tightly woven and durable quality. You will also find beautiful ribbons in selected designs with a myriad of options. Both as an accessory in your sewing projects, for various ornamants, to tie around glasses for candles and flowers, as the ribbon on the very special gift, etc ...

  • Bags & Accessories
  • Clothes
  • Christmas

    This festive season! The joy of anticipation and the Christmas spirit arrives along with Greengates enchanting Christmas accessories :) You will find, among other things, everything for a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The finest Christmas glassballs with tasteful patterns and wonderful textile Christmas decorations for hanging. Aswell as the other products from Green Gate, the Christmas collection has this special familiarity and nostalgic charm. As always, everything goes up in a beautiful synthesis of Greengate and their Christmas collection is certainly no exception.

  • SALE
  • News

    Here you will find all the latest products from Green Gate! Greengate has two annual collections, a spring collection and an autumn collection. At Møllegaarden we have all Greengates products from the new catalogue in all categories: Stoneware, Quilts & Cushions, Fabrics & Ribbons, Kitchen, Table textiles & Decoration, Livin, Bags & Accessories. So you will not look in vain for just the series you've fallen in love with .... and it is so easy to fall in love with Greengate :)

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Showing 1 - 30 of 700 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 700 items

GreenGate er kendt for sin kompromisløse design linie, hvor de fantastiske mønstre, vidunderlige farver, smukke former og høje kvalitet skaber en helt særlig stemning. På en helt unik måde formår Green Gate at bevare nostalgien i deres smukke designs og samtidig er produkterne både funktionelle og designmæssigt tilpasset det moderne hjem.

GreenGate blev stiftet i 1993 af Jesper B. Christiansen og Mona B. Christiansen og virksomheden er 100% danskejet. Eventyret startede da Jesper Christensen erhvervede sig en samling gamle bøger fra et meget støvet loft i Italien ved Como Søen, med ca. 15.000 håndarbejdede blomstermotiver. Disse motiver var udarbejdet af Pierre Boussac, der mellem 1880-1920'erne brugte disse når han lavede stoffer for Dior. Disse uvurderlige bøger danner nu grundlag for GreenGates nye kollektioner to gange årligt.
Ud over det smukke og funktionelle design er noget af det helt særlige ved GreenGate, muligheden for at matche tidligere serier med det nyeste stoneware fra Green Gate og stadig bevare en helt unik harmoni. Alt stentøj fra GreenGate er designet til at supplere og matche GreenGates boligtekstiler. GreenGate er efterhånden blevet en dansk klassiker for de kunder, der elsker den romantiske country living-stil. Produkterne har en genkendelighed og udstråler den mest vidunderlige, hyggelige og varme sommerhusstemning.

Udover alt til et smukt dækket middagsbord med de smukkeste kaffekopper, fantastiske lattekopper og tekopper, har Green Gate også tallerkner og ovnfaste fade. Helt vidunderlige te-kander, trææsker til te og fine dåser. GreenGate har masser af tekstil! Lækre sengetæpper, plaider og quilts. Smukke stoffer i metervarer, voksduge, duge, uldtæpper og puder. Det fineste bånd, bordløbere, servietter og viskestykker. 
Vi på Møllegaarden elsker GreenGate! Vi har ganske enkelt ikke været i stand til at vælge noget fra, så vi har alle deres produkter og kollektioner i vores sortiment. Du kan også være heldig at finde stoneware og tekstiler fra tidligere kollektioner på Møllegaarden.

Søger du et godt tilbud, har vi samlet en masse smukke Green Gate produkter til yderst favorable priser i vores GreenGate Udsalg.